Q. How much do the products cost?
A. Upholstery fabric is priced on the amount of material used, combined with weaving costs to make the upholstery fabric.
Q. How do I get a price?
A. We can calculate a supply cost to you via telephone or email. After seeking your requirements we can give you an indication of cost.
Q. Can I obtain a sample?
A. Yes we are happy to send feeler samples of some of our stock/shades available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Q. Where can I see the current collection?
A. The full current upholstery fabric portfolio is permanently on display in our fabric showroom which is built within the warehouse.
Q. How do I pay for items purchased?
A. Payment can be made over the phone using a credit/debit card. We also accept checks and cash.

For further information on any of the products we supply or to place an order please contact us at: 305-264-2067 or email: [email protected]