Commercial Furniture

We offer a wide range of services, from re-upholstering restaurant chairs to refurbishing an entire bar area. With a wide range of fabrics and materials to choose from we can re-upholster anything, from hard wearing bar stools in a village pub to an entire hotel lounge bar.  Repair is done in our workshop in Miami.

We also build new bespoke furniture for commercial use, whether it be restaurant chairs or sofas for hotel rooms, the high quality hard-wearing materials that we use, will ensure that your furniture looks beautiful and lasts for years.


High and quality commercial upholstery for restaurant booths, lobbies, any restaurant furniture, fine dining tables, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, chairs, lounges, banquets, and night clubs business. We refinish and reupholster barstools, chairs, rails, bars, tables, and any booths that requires it.


We help all hotels/resorts plan their renovation. We will give you a written proposal, including yardage, time requirements, and cost. We pre-cut and pre-sew all of the fabric at our shop where we have all the high-tech equipment to save you time and money. Half the work is now done before your furniture arrives.

Theaters & More

You can rely on Premium Upholstery to restore the original look and feel of your theater seats. Our work not only brings back the original quality of your theater seating, it also restores the ambience of the entire theater. Portray an air of class, comfort, and luxury with our beautiful restoration work.